Questions and answers
How does MRM advertise tenders and contracts?
​We advertise all tenders through TenderLink (, which is the most comprehensive listing of tenders in Australia. For some smaller contracts and supplies, we may also seek quotes directly from suppliers.
What are you looking for when you assess tenders?
​We're looking to achieve best value in all of our procurement decisions. By best value, we mean:
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Competency
  • Compliance
  • Suitability, including sustainability criteria

Other Contract specific selection criteria may also be included.

Our company has never worked in the mining sector before. What should we do to prepare for the experience?
​First, make sure your own business is in order. Do you have health and safety systems in place? Do you have the capacity to meet our needs? Secondly, do your homework and get to know our industry and our business. We're looking to develop good business partnerships with reliable contractors and suppliers. The more you get to know about our business, the better position you will be in to meet our needs.
Is there a preference for local suppliers?
​MRM has a proud record of contributing to the Northern Territory economy through active local procurement. We prefer to use local suppliers when they can offer quality, competitive goods and services and are pleased that so many are able to meet our business requirements.
What insurances will I require?
​As well as complying with legislative requirements for workers compensation insurance, we may require you to have additional insurance in place. Generally, contractors working on site will need to have $20 million in public liability insurance and there may be a need for professional indemnity insurance, depending on the type of work you are doing.
Are there different requirements for contractors working on site to those who are supplying goods from off site?
​If you are working on site, your commitment to health and safety has to be equal to ours. We are committed to zero harm and your health and safety systems have to be up to the challenge. If you are supplying goods to us from off site, we still want to do business with companies that take the health and safety of their people seriously. Make an investment in getting this right and both your business and your people will be the winners.
If I win business with MRM, what are your payment terms?
​We understand the cash flow needs of business and adhere to a 30-day payment schedule. Help us to meet this by doing the following:
  • Submit complete and tax-compliant invoices in a timely manner
  • Ensure our purchase order number is included on the invoice
  • Ensure your invoices match the purchase order for price and quantity.