‚ÄčOur site is a safe place for people to work. We are committed to zero harm through the assessment, removal and control of hazards.

Glenore's SafeWork program is the cornerstone of our safety systems. SafeWork is about nine life-saving behaviours that will keep our people safe. These are underpinned by 12 Fatal Hazard Protocols.

Together they form a powerful tool to help change people's attitudes to safety in the workplace.

The Life Saving Behaviours are:

  1. Always come to work drug and alcohol free
  2. Always use or wear critical safety equipment
  3. Always wear appropriate fall protection equipment when working above 2m
  4. Only operate equipment if trained and authorised
  5. Always isolate and 'test for dead' prior to working on energy sources
  6. Never modify or over-rise critical safety equipment without approval
  7. Always seek and obtain clear approval before entering mobile equipment operating zones
  8. Never enter danger zones
  9. Always report injuries and High Potential Risk Incidents