​We are committed to the highest standards of environmental management and performance. Our management practices proactively prevent risks and we have a comprehensive, $5 million-a-year monitoring program in place to regularly assess and record the mine's environmental performance.

Our aim is to preserve the long-term health, function, and viability of the natural environment through:

  • operating to environmental standards and eliminating, mitigating and remediating the potential environmental effects of our activities
  • conserving our natural resources by avoiding destruction of natural habitats and efficiently using and recycling materials
  • assessing environmental conditions, potential risks and effects of our activities
  • minimising our greenhouse gas emissions and working with others to address climate change
  • responding to local communities and other stakeholders on environmental matters.

The Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority's 2018 Assessment Report into our Environmental Impact Statement for overburden management found that:

  • the McArthur River is healthy,
  • water quality is good, and
  • fish from the river are safe to eat.