​MRM's Community Relations team is responsible for handling all enquiries from the media regarding MRM news stories, events and site visits.

We address all enquiries on a case-by-case basis and understand the level of interest in MRM. Wherever possible, we try to respond either in writing, through access to a spokesperson, or by providing images and footage on request.

On some occasions, our ability to meet requests may however, be constrained by:

  • the availability of spokespeople
  • legal or corporate considerations and requirements given we are wholly-owned by the publicly-listed, Glencore
  • the status of discussions or negotiations on the matter being investigated
  • our ability to respond within the news cycle given that some commentary requires approval from Glencore.

These guidelines have been prepared with a view to building better understanding and working relationships with media.

Interview requests

If you would like to request an interview with an MRM spokesperson, please contact our media advisor:

Francis De Rosa on 0417 074 751 or Tracy Jones on 0418 251 774.

In considering these requests, we would appreciate your advice on the scope of the story, the types of questions you are interested in and your deadline.

Media site visits

We welcome the opportunity for media to visit our site. All visitors need approval to enter the MRM site and must be hosted at all times by an MRM employee. You will be required to undergo a site induction procedure in line with MRM's safety standards. This includes drug and alcohol tests under a zero tolerance policy.

Your MRM host will coordinate your site induction, supply you with suitable safety equipment and transport you around site. If possible, please bring your own steel capped boots as we cannot guarantee all sizes can be catered for.

Village accommodation may be available on site depending on the population of staff and contractors at the time.

Filming policy

If you have approval to visit MRM and have a photographer or video camera person with you, then please discuss with your MRM host the shots that you are interested in taking.

There are designated areas within the mine site where images can safely be taken. However, other images may be difficult to get depending on the operational status on the day. Please note that due to safety considerations, footage or photography of blasting within the open pit is not usually permitted.

Archive photography and footage

MRM has a library of images and broadcast ready video footage which are available on request. Please contact the Community Relations Department:

Telephone: 1800 211 573
Email inquiry: projenq@glencore.com.au

Some of these images are available on this website: see Image Library