​​How can I get a job at MRM?
​Go to the 'Careers'. page, If none of the listed vacancies are what you are looking for, go to the 'Register your interest' page.
Will I have to do a medical?
​Yes. We will require a full medical, which may include a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and a Blood Test to check you lead level and liver function. The MRI is like an x-ray, but it is looking at the muscle and tissue rather than your bones.
Will I have to pass any tests?
​Most positions on site will require some form of testing. For example, if you are looking for a traineeship or apprenticeship you will be required to undertake formal studies with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), or you might have been a haul truck operator at a different mine and have experience. However, you will be tested by the MRM trainer and assess to ensure that you are competent to work on site at MRM.
What shifts will I work?
​MRM has recently undergone a roster change and we have a number of rosters across site to ensure we have coverage in each area. It will depend on what job and in which department you are employed. A couple of the common rosters are two weeks on-two weeks off, 7 days on-6 days off, 8 days on-6 days off and 9 days on-5 days off.
How will I know if the lifestyle will suit me?
​Living and working on a Fly-In Fly-Out mining site is not for everyone. The best way to find out if it would suit you is to talk to other people about their experience.
Will you provide training?
​MRM uses both internal and external training for our employees. Most training will be on-the-job training provided to employees by other MRM employees. External training will depend if the position you are working in requires specific areas of training.
What if I need time off in an emergency or for cultural reasons?
​You will need to speak to your Supervisor, Superintendent or Manager of the department that you are working for. They will arrange for you to be released from site as soon as practical if appropriate.
I live at Borroloola. Will I have to live in the village or can I drive to and from Borroloola?

We require all employees to live in our village when they are working. Because shifts are generally 12 hours, we are concerned about fatigue if people add an additional 90 minutes to their workday to make the long drive.