‚ÄčThe mineralisation area of the 'Here's Your Chance' deposit covers around two square kilometres and is 55 metres thick. It comprises eight recognisable and discrete zinc and lead ore zones. The natural movement of the earth changes the orientation and angle of each zone over time, which complicates our mining process.

The open pit excavation is being undertaken in six stages, with the first three targeting the shallowest ore. Conventional drilling, blasting, loading and haulage methods are used.

After blasting, the overburden is excavated in horizontal benches to expose the target ore, which we then remove for processing. Separating the ore and waste at the mining stage ensures a relatively pure ore is fed to the processing plant.

Excavators with up to 550 tonne capacity load 175-220 tonne haul trucks with ore or waste to be taken to stockpiles or the waste rock piles. The majority of the overburden rock from the open pit is stored at the North Overburden Emplacement Facility, or waste rock pile.

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