‚ÄčOur bulk and zinc concentrates are trucked from the mine to the loading facility at Bing Bong 120 km away. From Bing Bong a purpose-built barge, the MV Aburri, transports the concentrate to ships waiting at sea. The concentrate is then exported to refineries around the world.

Our contract fleet of road-trains used for trucking have fully covered, side-tipping trailers with a payload of approximately 120 tonnes. They consist of prime movers with two quad-axle trailers and an AB configuration.

They deposit the concentrate in a storage shed at Bing Bong, which has the capacity to hold 90,000 tonnes.

A range of safety procedures are followed to ensure there are no dust emissions from the road-trains. These include:

  • wheel washes at the exit to the mine site and Bing Bong to wash away any dirt and materials that may have accumulated from the site
  • protective covers over each trailer to prevent dust and spillage
  • speed limiters to 85 km per hour on the road trains
  • fully covered unloading dock at Bing Bong
  • specific procedures for tipping into the storage shed which prevents concentrate spilling onto ramps and clearing all concentrate from the road train.